What is a Wash and Reach System?

A Wash and Reach System is an excellent way to safety and difficult to reach windows on a number of Commercial buildings &Residential homes.

Our Wash and Reach System is a light- weight 55foot, carbon fibre  telescoping pole that delivers the pure water to the brush, used to scrub the windows clean.

How It Works

The water is pumped from the De-ionized unit, up through the brush (hence the name water-fed) and squirted onto the glass while the window cleaner uses the brush to remove the dirt located on the window. Once he’s scrubbed clean the entire window with the brush, the pure water is used to rinse the particles away and the window dries spot free.

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Extreme Advantages

  • 100% pure water
  • Hard to reach windows can now be cleaned
  • Naturally clean, safe on sills and frames
  • Windows stay cleaner longer
  • No ladders needed
  • For commercial and residential.

Why use Wash & Reach?

Pure Water

The Wash and Reach System uses regular tap water that is then hooked up to  our  portable water filtration and De-ionization unit. The De-ionizer is used to reduce chemical and minerals plus other particles found in regular tap water.

Safety First

Our 55ft carbon fibre pole significantly reduces the use of ladders on one and two storey buildings and homes. 

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